FAQ & Rules

    The rules listed below apply to every Canvas property.
    1. Rent Due Date
    2. Gas & Electric
    3. Issue & Resolution
    4. Garbage & Recycling
    5. Insurance

    Rent Due Date

    Rent payments are due on or before the first of each month.

    Gas & Electric

    New Tenants must apply for service directly with Con Edison for gas and electricity.

    Issue & Resolution

    All repairs are to be reported to Carson even if already reported to the super.

    Garbage & Recycling

    Tenants must follow all rules with regard to garbage and recycling disposal. All garbage and recycling must be kept in the apartment – not the in the public halls. Household garbage must be placed in plastic bags and then discarded in the trash cans provided.


    Tenant understands that their lease agreement requires tenant to buy apartment property and a liability insurance, known as a renter’s policy. Owner will not be responsible for damage or loss to any of tenants property regardless of cause. Any claims tenant has will be made under their own apartment renter’s insurance policy.