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This Week’s Events: 6/17-6/21

Robert Morgenstern, principal of Morgenstern Capital and Canvas Property Group, will be speaking at two events this week: IMN’s RealTECH conference and Carson and ClickPay’s Bridging the Gap Between Doorman & Non-Doorman Buildings.

On Monday, the first day of the inaugural RealTECH conference, Morgenstern plans to discuss how his third-party property management firm is using the most relevant software to improve workflow and efficiency within his rapidly expanding company. The conference’s speakers feature prominent leaders in real estate who are utilizing and embracing the innovative technologies that are disrupting the industry in New York and beyond.

At Carson and Clickpay’s event on Tuesday, June 18th, Morgenstern will be joined by Guy Blachman of Carson Living, Andrew Barrocas of MNS, and Alon Alexander of Kent Services in their discussion on the current trends of the NYC rental market. For more real estate events happening this week, check out this link.